We come to you and repair your phone. You pick the time and place.

Phone repair in Springfield, IL Area

How It Works

Cell Medic is a phone repair company in the Springfield, IL area. We save you time by coming right to your home, work or wherever is most convenient for you to be while we repair your mobile phone. Repairs typically take an hour or less and we do it right in our mobile van workstations. We can even provide you with a loaner phone while yours gets repaired! Ready to schedule your repair? The whole process only takes 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Choose the model of phone that you need to have repaired.
Step 2 - Tell us what needs repaired & schedule when you would like it fixed.
Step 3 - We come to you and repair your phone.

Broke your phone screen? We will come to you at home or work and fix your phone's screen right there on the spot!


Life moves fast! Don't miss those perfect picture opportunities with a broken phone camera. Schedule your repair today!

As batteries get older they don't hold a charge as long. Let us replace your old battery with a new one and get your battery life back!


Don't throw that phone away just because you cannot charge it! It might be a broken charger port and don't worry, we fix that!

How are you going to take those epic selfies with no front camera?! We will get you back to snapping those beautiful pics in no time!


Did you know the iPhone X doesn't even have a headphone jack? That means you need to fix yours because they might be gone soon!



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Current Service Locations for iPhone Repairs:

Springfield, IL  •  Chatham, IL  •  Rochester, IL

Call / Text: 217.899.8800

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